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CHT ITALIA S.r.l. as a company.

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Imberg S.r.l., Azzano (BG)
CHT ITALIA S.r.l., Azzano (BG)
CHT ITALIA S.r.l., Lainate (MI)
CHT ITALIA S.r.l. was founded in Bergamo in 1978, with the establishment of the Italian affiliated company of CHT group, named IMBERG s.r.l., whose headoffice was placed in Azzano San Paolo, near Bergamo. In 1985 was acquired a new factory shed with offices, where the first employee started working.
In 1989 IMBERG s.r.l. became CHT ITALIA S.r.l. (Chemische Hilfsmittel Tübingen), that means chemical auxiliaries for textile industry. In 1992 CHT Italia s.r.l. moved in a more suitable seat, always in Azzano San Paolo. In 1993 CHT ITALIA S.r.l. acquired AGOCHEMICALS, a company specialized in textile traditional printing, with the increasing of business volumes.
Thanks to commercial acquisitions made by the Group over the years, CHT ITALIA S.r.l. was able to manage also products by other companies, as Hansa Textile Chemie and BEZEMA AG.
On 26th April 2006 CHT ITALIA S.r.l moved to Lainate (Via L. Settembrini 9), near Milan. The headoffice is now situated in the productive heart of Lombardy, near the new trade fair which is considered one of the most important point of world trade.
Here in Lainate, CHT ITALIA S.r.l. increases its potential with a new Technological Pole: a service centre for the development of applications intextile ennobling.
What above allows CHT ITALIA S.r.l. to enrich the supplying of technical services with new structures, ideas and programms: thus our commercial services are more sensitive to the customers' needs.
CHT ITALIA S.r.l. is managed by Managing Director Dot. Massimo Bononi supported by a qualified and motivated team.

CHT/BEZEMA worldwide

Due to our presence in every important mar- ket in the world, we have become one of the leading producers of this industry. Nowadays, the CHT/BEZEMA group, its affiliated companies and representatives are active in more than 50 countries.
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